The simple, interactive tabletop menu

Magictab is a beautiful customer-facing tablet that takes orders and payments all by itself.

"Great service. Can order your drinks and meals right from the tablet on the table! Highly recommended."

- Trip Advisor Review

Help waiters give the best service ever

for the best profits ever.

8% Sales Boost

thanks to impulse orders,

appetising photos, and

automatic suggestions

x 2 Waiter Efficiency

through reduced

workload, saving

£70k each year

Huge Customer Delight

75% of all customers use

their magictab, loving how

well they get served

How it Works

Magictab works alongside your waiters to create a great service experience.

Great service drives higher spend per head, repeat custom and growth by word of mouth

Yet waitstaff are expensive and good ones are hard to find. The average restaurant spends £140,000 a year on waitstaff and misses £90,000 a year in sales when waiters get busy. They forget to suggest things and they have no time to sell drinks when glasses run dry.

Magictab delights customers and lifts sales with fewer staff

Waiters leave magictabs with customers throughout their meal. Customers can explore the menu, order as many times as they wish, and pay the bill anytime they like. Waiters serve tables just as usual, always on hand to help.

"Our magictabs helped us
raise revenues by 25%."

- Elena Stradze, restaurateur

"Magictab lets us serve more
tables with fewer staff."

- Amin Rahman, restaurateur

All the Features You Need

  • Full POS
  • 24-Hour
  • Drop-proof &
  • Offline
  • Customised
  • All Types Of
  • Table Paid
  • Configurable

"Loved everything about this restaurant. The little device on the table to order our food was brilliant. A****"

- Open Table Review

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